Lizzy Ryan (Her Girlfriends)

   I introduce you Lizzy Ryan, a damn bomb, a beautiful girl with a feline look.
   I have little reference on her, but I am certain that this girl has a future in the field of charm and sex.
   This very young girl, 24 years old (2012), immediately made "tilt" in my home... As soon as I saw her for the first time, a little more than 3 years on the internet, in 2007, my heart wrapped up by causing my cock to swell instantly. It was long before I fell "in love" with Monika... So to speak, Lizzy and Monika are the two Czech beauties for whom I have a real attraction.
   I do not know, but I think they look alike somewhere. Lizzy and Monika have the same look, the same way of posing, the same natural and the same relaxation in front of the objective. While being very sexy, they both have this class that makes them both sexy and hyper seductive. But for me and my heart, with her ingenuous pout and her candid smile, Monika remains and will remain the prettiest and most beautiful...
   This will reveal my attraction to Lizzy and her beauty. It is undeniably a cannon girl.
   Decidedly, these Czech girls have all that is expected of a girl, namely, beauty, naturalness, relaxation, sensuality, simplicity and sex addiction. In this, Lizzy is really well provided.
   She has a superb body and a sorcerer's face. Her gaze with hazel eyes is of fire and her pulpy mouth is embers.
   Her breasts are perfect, her tits are natural and lively, her hips are wide, her ass is superbly enhanced by her dream camber, with nice buttocks to chew and well bounced.
   Her pussy with the labia majora is completely shaved, which makes it a peculiarity; It is impossible to see the slightest hair in her, neither around her bullet hole, nor those styling her apricot. It is appreciable and charming, which suggests that she loves to lick the ass and pussy...
   Here, in some photos where she is excited, one can see her red vulva, her two small open petals and clitoris pointing under her hood... Here I find what attracted me to Monika (I come back); Her warmth, her sensuality and her desire for pleasure; the pleasure she takes assuredly during her photo shoots...
   By caressing this magnificent body, I am systematically attracted by her legs with perfect curves. There too, an amateur of pretty legs like me is then filled thanks to my erection that seeks to free itself and that ends in orgasm...
   Lizzy is both a cannon, a bomb and a doll devoted to both hot caresses and sexual delusions... !!

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Lucie Morická's profile (aka Lizzy Ryan or Elizabeth Ryan):

Lizzy was born on August 1st, 1988 in
Brno (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Lucie Morická
Astrological sign: Leo
Measurements: 36C-24-36
Size: 5' 7"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hazel eyes
Brown hair
Special feature: piercing on the navel.

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