Carmen Gemini (Her Girlfriends)

   Carmen Gemini is a very beautiful 27 year old girl from the Czech Republic.
  She made her appearance in the world of the sex to 21 years in 2007 and quickly became a pornstar turning many scenes pornos. Carmen Gemini was consecrated as the hottest porn actress and therefore the best known in Europe. She has legitimately become a true sex worker. In addition she is czech, which is not surprising at the sight of the incredible bottomless pit that has become this small state of Central Europe in terms of pretty girls making a career in sex and pornography.
   Indeed, there is a connection between pornography and the presence of pretty girls in this country. The sex industry has understood very well the existing potential and has thus attracted and continues to do so a significant number of pretty creatures in search of an interesting salary and desiring a certain independence while joining the useful to the pleasant As does, among others, my adored Monika.

   Carmen Gemini owes her pseudonym to her date of birth, June 3rd, 1986, in the heart of the
Gemini sign.
Gemini represent a constellation of the Zodiac and in Astrology it is a sign of air. This is rather revealing for Carmen Gemini who is a smiling girl, easy character rather shy but very attached to her independence. So she quickly became a taboo porn film actress, thanks to her supple-mindedness and pleasant personality.
   The main characteristic of this chick is her face always smiling in the image of her character. Her gaze with green hazel eyes sparkles with malice and the girl's youth is betrayed by the presence of freckles on her wonderful face. She is rather redhead pulling on the light brown reinforcing her youth.
   Another feature of Monika alias Carmen G are her breasts. Indeed, she has a superb pair of natural tits that make the celebrity of this pretty girl. Which says natural says live because you can see them systematically swinging during her scenes doggy style for example. As much to say that like my frolics with my girlfriend Sophie, it comes to me a big hard on not possible at the sight of these lolos that leads me necessarily to the orgasm while I mate Carmen smiling and moaning with pleasure, the breasts that swing in all directions, her buttock trembling loudly under the bumper shots of her partner.
   But the hottest feature in this pretty chick is her partially shaved pussy. There is something to eat and delight in fact, thanks to the presence of superb sluts incredibly fleshy she spreads to let us discover a large wet vulva. I love this kind of sex that I experienced recently with an escort girl that I managed to enjoy only by tirelessly sucking her lips very fleshy. A treat, believe me!
   In short, Carmen Gemini, a gorgeous cannon and a pro sex, has a very nice ass, one of the most beautiful among the 28 friends of Monika especially when he comes alive during her somersaults.
   This girl also possesses a particular physical stature. Her body is slender, thin with a rather large size due to a bone pelvis whose iliac bone goes up high enough at the waist.
   Carmen Gemini is great from the top of her 5' 9" with superb legs very fine contrasts with her hips and her imposing bust.
   In short, a sacred beautiful plant that Carmen Gemini at once candid and naughty, smiling and taboo-free, systematically seeking pleasure without artifice.

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Monika Trubková's profile (aka Carmen Gemini):

Carmen G was born on June 3rd, 1986 in
Prague (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Monika Trubková
Astrological sign: Gemini
Measurements: 34D-27-36
Size: 5' 9"
Weight: 128 lbs
Hazel eyes
Auburn hair
Special features: piercing on the tongue and navel.

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