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My Erotic Adventures

To discover in the last section of the same name. More details in the last publication on My Blog

"To achieve something really extraordinary, first dream it. Then wake up calmly and go with a line to the end of your dream without ever getting discouraged." Walt Disney

Object of my site

   This site is mainly devoted to one of the prettiest girls in the world in the 2000s. She is dark-haired, she is of Czech origin, she posed as a glamor model from 2002 to 2011; her name is Monika VESELÁ. I am passionate about this chick and I... fell in love with her!!
   Being addicted to sex and passionate about eroticism, you will discover, among other things, such pretty Czech beauties, my irresistible attraction for pretty girls since my youngest age (10 years old), my intimate and sexual confidences boosted by my strong libido, my visits to many escorts on tour in my city of Marseille before falling in love during the summer of 2019, with a 19-year-old student, Océane...
   I let you visit my completely FREE site which will become and remain your favorite.
   Monika is 39 yo now, soon to be 40, but she continues to make me fantasize. She remains my muse and it is, I admit, partly thanks to her that I owe my sexual fulfillment... It makes me happy and this happiness of the moment continues to last...

WHY...!   SO...!







Pure beauty, natural and without artifice.

A dream hot and alive...


   Why this site you may say? Simply because wanted me to show you how much I am attracted by the beauty and transcendent charm of this girl... This is quite inexplicable. It's a bit like when you fall in love, a love at first sight shall we say...

   I am very pleased to introduce this gorgeous girl, this little bit of girl who has a dream plastic as well as a strong personality.
These pages are for you.

Signé : Bruce 

Site content full free!

   You will discover, in all and for all 28,858 Monika's pics, 607 "Wallpapers" and 278 of "My [own] Wallpapers", divided into 84 photo albums and 3 albums "Wallpapers".
   As a bonus you will discover full, full of images of other beautiful beauties of Czech origin all as famous as Monika. You will them find beforehand by clicking on "
The Babes" in the menu "Her friends".

   So that you can enjoy immediately and fully Monika, I added a menu "
Download". There, you can download for FREE as Zip files, all my photo albums in maximum resolution as well as my "Wallpapers" present on my site.
   Similarly, always according to my updates, you will have the possibility to "
Download" also FREE, the high resolution photos of all my photo albums of "Her Girlfriends".

   I also created an artistic section we will say, with my few
erotic drawings of Monika downloadable; There are 10 at the moment. A hobby and a talent that you will be able to appreciate with 72 of my erotic drawings, also downloadable, that I offer you to the page my drawings and of which you can discover some on Hebus with my pseudo "member13". It's in "My Drawings".

I also created a section "Videos" where you will find some of the many erotic videos to download from Monika, in HDV for the most part, but also those of all Her Girlfriends, including some porn videos. All this for FREE!

   Do not hesitate to leave your comments on each of my pages and photos, or to vote for your favorite Czech "friends" in the menu "
Votes", this will give life to the site.

   Know that my site is the pretext to talk about sex before and share my sexual experiences and my fucking stories with girls in the form of a blog that I keep up to date with each new publications. That makes it possible to give life to the site and to give way to certain intimate confessions. Go to My Blog!

   My site would be incomplete if I do not share my meetings with the world of Escort girls, luxury prostitutes bossing for their own account or agencies from Eastern Europe. My ad-diction for sex gives me the opportunity to share my testimonies in the form of private comments of my antics with the prettiest girls I have met since my adolescence followed by a porn video that I have Tour with one of them named Veronika. These comments appear with photos for each of the prettiest among the most beautiful girls on the planet. This is in the "My meetings" section.

   To end with a softer and fantasy note, I tell you about my discovery of Naturism in the late 90s (1997 more exactly) and the consequences of this philosophy of being and that was for me a therapy to gain self-confidence and while adapting my vision of the world around us by enjoying with a new eye its beauty and its fragility to the test of the selfish trivialities of the modern world.

   In order to fully share my love life and my sexual intimacy, I created a section entirely dedicated to Oceane, my new conquest, my love at first sight for this very young girl since she is barely 19 years old, very pretty, met on my naturist beach and which has a lot in common, including an irresolute taste for sex... It is to be discovered without restraint in the last section of my site "Oceane, my new conquest".

   Following this last section, my private life turned inexorably and logically towards what is most important to me, the taste for sex. The cause, my libido which quickly flourished thanks to the girls in the immediate entourage of my partner Océane. They became my friends in addition to being sexual partners. Everything that happens with them is told in the section "Erotica, sex and swinging" where I mainly talk about sex. You will discover the realization of my sexual fantasies whether it is the practice of swinging to the defloration of young virgins aged 16... 

   Another section arising from the two previous ones and the last of this portal remains unique, because I finally realize my most irresistible fantasy, a dream dating from my first access to the internet, to make porn movies, to become an X movie actor. And Well it's done, finally I'm just starting. The future in the world of sex, which I finally touch with my finger, requires patience, motivation and availability. To be discovered soon in the page which will be entitled "My beginnings in porn".

Enjoy your visit and have fun...!!!