Naturist and proud to it!

"We are living in a strange era where everyone is afraid of nudity, but I have been raised to the idea that it is something beautiful." Alyssa Milano


   What is naturism? "Naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity together to promote respect for oneself, respect for others and the environment." Indeed, what is more logical than this definition since in naturism we find the words nature and natural. Being naturist is a way of being and of living without physical and sexual pre-eminence, without moral code except for respect. Respect for others as well as oneself regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or physical appearance. This gymnastics or philosophy gymnosophie (the Greek nudity gymnos = naked) appears in the medical approach of the Greek physician Hippocrates who regarded this philosophy as a therapy mainly based on "confidence in medicating and restorative in nature with its natural agents (air, water , sun) dietary and physical exercise"

   It is worth remembering that naturism, formerly gymnosophy, was born in France in the XIXth century. It was seen as a means of physical revitalization, a relationship to the body completely different from the hypocrisy and taboos that prevailed then, a more convivial conception of life in society, and an incentive to respect the planet. We can then realize that living naked is the corollary of ecology or even vegetarianism. Which is consistent with being in harmony with Nature.

Why did I become a naturist?

   To be naturist is a way of apprehending the world which surrounds us most naturally of the world. That is to say that the individual is totally stripped of the contingencies of everyday life, the codes of morality and all our clothes. It is a kind of return to the source, a harmonization of body and mind with the essence of Nature. Getting naked not only allows you to feel the 4 natural elements (mineral, watery, warm and air) on the skin and thus sharpen all the senses animating the human body allowing it to blend in the middle natural, but also to be on equal terms with the other whether it is a man, a woman, young, old, from all ethnic backgrounds and social backgrounds.

   Getting naked in front of other completely naked people was for me a revelation and the first step towards conquering oneself, facing the eyes of others in order to put oneself on the same equal terms. For the first time in my life I had dared to commit the forbidden that are proving to be futile in fact. However we obviously can not get naked anywhere in front of anyone; Indecency is in principle not tolerated in public places in the same way as exhibitionism. 

   There was a before and after and becoming a naturist was a real discovery for me, whereas my main motivation at the start was curiosity. It is thanks to the look of the other merging with mine, that there was a kind of neutralization of superfluity as moral or clothing, a kind of liberation. 

   I consider naturism as a new way to apprehend existence by facilitating the search for happiness. Is not this the purpose that animates all human beings? 

   I think everyone should try the experiment. This experience is transformed into a total liberation of the spirit allowing the installation of well-being. This is where Naturism is a philosophy.

   This is how I convinced my sweet and lovely girlfriend Sophie to accompany me and try this experience. Indeed, not wishing to find myself alone to enjoy these delicious moments I had proposed to come tanned naked with me. She agreed but hesitates. And then, after careful reflection, she was put in confidence and took the plunge. As much to tell you that I was the happiest of men when I saw my girlfriend naked on the beach next to me in the middle of other women and other men completely naked, other than intimacy or in bed fucking. These moments lived together strengthened our relationship on the physical plane a little more (our antics were more intense) as well as on the perception of people and sex. It was a real electroshock that made it more beautiful and more attractive. 

   Thus, every summer we do not miss opportunities to come hand in hand enjoy life as if we were in heaven on earth.

Fantasy or philosophy of being?

  However, in addition to freeing our mind to flout the forbidden, we must not hide that the fact of getting naked includes a desire to release our fantasies and that there is undeniably a sexual approach. Sex is an integral part of the human body and being naked reveals its sexual attributes. I consider myself to be revealed as a spiritual as well as a sexual liberation since it is linked to an integral exposure of his body to the vision of the other who accepts it. This approach is of paramount importance for the balance and the blossoming of the being whatever; man, woman, young, old or ethnic and various social backgrounds. This is why naturism is a modern way of life because it respects both the environment and the other, which goes without saying. It's a certain way of simply tackling the theme of ecology. 

   Getting naked in front of the other can control our ardor, which is more or less difficult when you are a man. Especially when you have very visible attributes like mine... Indeed, the first time I completely undressed on a hot spring afternoon (it was May 26, 1997, I remember as if it was yesterday) on this beach, I could not stop my erection while I met the eyes of a very pretty young woman walking in front of me with a completely natural attitude. I then positioned myself on the stomach for naively hiding this shameful but so natural reflex before going to bathe in the cool water. This was radical, my cock had narrowed. It's a way like any other to control my legitimate sexual ardor that said, because young women and pretty teen girls there is plenty on this beach enjoying their nudity freely... However, there is nothing perverse or indecent in shared nudity. All people, including girls who are no longer in innocence, have everything simply a natural behavior. 

   The importance of everyone being naked erases the gaze fixed on the body of the other, especially the sexual attributes. On the contrary, after a certain period of practice and habits of naturist life that no one will notice or report your poorly controlled erection for example, as long as your behavior inspires respect for others and you do not stroll not systematically dressed, which would be suspect as to look at the nudity of others, it will be voyeurism. Voyeurism is the nemesis of naturists. It is more shocking to see a person called "textile" among naturists than to wear your erect penis as long as you behave in a natural way. Anyway, the reflex of bend in front of young women or pretty teenage girls disappears more or less quickly with the habit. This is the sign that you have adapted to live neatly with others, who are too, and therefore they have adopted you in a way. To summarize, naturalness and respect are the two principles of true behavior and naturist good manners. That's how I managed to adapt and adopt this way of life in summer in these unique places in the world.

 In addition my gaze are resourceful in the middle of this microcosm and allows me to apprehend the true natural beauty of a human body, especially young girls in osmosis with the idyllic setting of a beach in summer. I feel this beauty in its entirety even if I will never tire of subdued their natural splendor. Paradoxically, it allows me to control my instincts and reflexes. It's difficult but i get there. I consider this a small victory over what remains of our animal shell in some way.

My naturist beaches

   The region where I live, La Provence, has beautiful and paradisiacal places that have become privileged destinations for tourists from all over the world. Many people find themselves mainly at the seaside and beaches. Beaches there are plenty and many are nudist beaches. These are more and more frequent thanks to the authorizations granted by the town halls. This makes France the first destination naturists while paradoxically, naturism is considered as exhibitionism. These beaches are accessible to everyone when they are easy to access. My beach has three parts: Jonquet beach, Saint-Selon beach and Malpasset beach. Here is what we say about it: "Jonquet beach in La Seyne sur Mer is a beach reserved for naturists. It is located north of the tip of Saint-Selon (near Cap Sicié and rocks of the Two Brothers). This cove located below the Corniche Varoise offers a totally wild environment on the cliff side. Further south, there are two other small coves (beach St Selon and beach Malpasset). of the most beautiful naturist cove in the south of France.
   The environment is sublime with on one side the view of Cap Sicié and the other on the peninsula of Saint-Mandrier. On the beach, one has the impression of being on a paradise island with some scattered rocks, turquoise water and some pieces of wood stranded directly on the sand.
   However, access to this Jonquet Creek is worth it. To go to this beach out of season, take the Var ledge towards Cap Sicié from the cove of Fabrégas. After 1.7 km you will find on the right a parking. Access to the beach is in front (indicated by a sign). On the trail, take the first on the left (fairly steep stairs, sign indicating the naturist beach). Follow the path then fork to the right and follow the stairs. We arrive on the south side of the creek. About 15 minutes to go down, climbed much more difficult ... In summer, the Corniche Varoise is closed (risk of fire). You have to take the coastal path from Fabrégas beach." 

   Everything is said. After viewing the photos below, all you have to do is try it out and dare to push the doors to the conquest. well-being!

Naturist memories

  Getting naked with my girlfriend on naturist beaches makes me happy. I rediscover my body through the other and naturists. I find myself in harmony with the elements and Nature. Incredible sensations of well-being course my body bathed in the Mediterranean sun. But happiness would not be complete if I do not take advantage of the unique view of the natural beauty of the young girls strolling naked on the sand or basking in the sun.
    I wanted to share with you, in the form of short stories memories, these moments of happiness to the the natural nudity of young and pretty naiads contemplation (between 14 and 18 years) present in these idyllic places...
    Here is one. Memories of a beautiful summer day in July 2013. My girlfriend Sophie discovered naturism for the first time. She was pleasantly surprised...

   "I remember one summer, it must have been in July 2013, on the nudist beach that I used to frequent my girlfriend and me, watching the pretty naked girls who walk on the edge of the beach. water, the air is falsely candid. This is Sunday, the sun is at the zenith, it is very hot, the cicadas are having a field day and there is a lot of people, all ages, young people basically. Exactly, two very pretty naiads approach to my right, they are barely 18 years old, or even less... The waves come to spread out at their feet while they walk on the sand nonchalantly and laughing... I eagerly contemplate their smiling youth, shaking their heads, their long hair in the wind whipping their faces, their haughty look accentuating their teenager camber, their breasts well formed; one of her particularly cute has like my girlfriend, a beautiful pair of boobs in the shape of shells that flutter and sway at each step... She had big nipples bandaging which gave relief to her big areolas... Sublime and hyper exciting... My cock began wagging with desire ... Like every time in such occasions my gaze lingers on the belly and hips and finally their pussy... Many of these young nude girls shave the pussy offering their intimacy naturally to the four elements... The vision of the small tuft discreet their little pussy barely masking the two "slobbering" of these two beauties causes my body to feel good, like their adorable little buttocks that vibrate in resonance with their thighs under their hips. They arrive in front of me and my girlfriend, 2 or 3 meters, stop, the sun darts and illuminates with their rays their extraordinary beauty that we can contemplate only in charming magazines... Yet they are there, really there, radiant, taunting our curiosity and my enchantment... One of them, the one with big tits, gives me a brief look, my heart is racing and I let myself be overwhelmed by a shuddering desire resulting in an erection uncontrollable while I caress my tender Sophie... Has she spotted the big melons of my girlfriend or looking for you to make me react, the naughty...? They go down and I eagerly fix with my eyes, amazed behind my Ray-ban by so many provocations and innocence, the swaying big boobs of the beautiful and young naturist a bit exhibitionist, they squat together by spreading their legs, bend, letting appear their little ass hole and their small shaved pussy with their small labia vagina, I can not believe my eyes...! Difficult to control, my cock lengthens quickly and discreetly, twitching while beading with excitement behind the glance and complicity of my girlfriend. They pretend to catch shells, sit up, scrutinize them, caressing glance with a smile then look at each other with a burst of laughter before leaving with a swaying, vibrating their pretty little ass...! Magnificent...! I look at my girlfriend happy and smiling, a little surprised at the show she just attended... She laughs when discovering my erection "Wouaah, ha ha ha...!" I put my index finger on her mouth: "Chuuuut...!" then I kiss her tenderly... Idyllic vision and magical moment! "


   Here are some pictures representative of the idyllic place where I spend my hot summer days most of the time, far from everything, completely naked, delivered to the caresses of the natural elements to know the sea, the hot sand, the sun, the soft sea breeze, the concert of the cicadas without forgetting the lapping waves and the beauty of the landscape... To discover some pictures, called "stolen", pretty girls naked and other issues of nudist websites to give some examples of pretty babes on the beach.
   Some of these images were taken with a digital compact camera, it was the first and the smartphone did not exist at the time (between 1998 and 2003). Note that the last were taken while I was accompanied by my girlfriend Sophie during the hot summer 2018 followed by early summer 2019. Otherwise the others are from naturist sites.


The following 2 photos were taken from the coastal path accessing Jonquet beach, of which we can see a part at the bottom of the rocks with on the horizon the rocks of "Les 2 Frères" and Cap Sicié on the right.


Here are two pictures of the Jonquet beach near Cap Sicié in the town of La Seyne-sur Mer. I often sit near the rocks that can be seen on the left of the picture. This photo is a perfect representation of the frequentation of this unique place far from urban centers. This is the charm of this magical place. 


Zoom photo taken when I arrived on Jonquet beach during the summer of 2015.
This is the place where I usually sit near the rocks. That day it was occupied by a family with their kids.
As much to say to you that the frequentation of these idyllic beaches reveals a wide panel of people of all the ages and all edges.
Here their natural and innocent attitude, children and young girls are the masters of the place in total symbiosis with the elements.


Another example of what I happen to see on my beaches. Beautiful naiads in the physical of goddesses. They are between 16, 18 or 19 years old. Despite the eroticism that emerges from this vision of dreams everything remains natural here, without fuss and without a priori. Like what to live naked can have good all the same ...
This photo is from a naturist website.


These kind of girls (between 14 and 16 years old) there are quite a few on the beach that I frequent. 
Most are of foreign origin. There are some pretty French girls who are mostly with their families.
  The contemplation of these beauties gives me a smile and makes me happy...
Here is another example of pretty girl that I can contemplate.
They are as pretty and fresh as this model.
They are students between 18 and 20 years old.
Rarely alone, they find themselves between girlfriends after the end of the school and exams.
They take full advantage of this freedom by offering themselves naked in the sun and the elements... and my look dumbstruck but discreet...
I become the happiest of men...

This photo taken during the summer of 2003 is unique because it is one of the first that I dared to take without noticing. Morover my girlfriend did not accompany me yet.
This girl (14 or 15 years) coming out of the water was very pretty and I had a lot of trouble to hide my excitement ...


Superb young woman, thirties. She had beautiful natural lolos not as big as those of my girlfriend, but swaying and bouncing at each movement of this Latin beauty. This is the kind of natural beauty that I can admire on my nudist beach.
  Photo taken during summer 2015.

Photo from a naturist website taken on the beach of Malpasset, a creek south of Jonquet beach. Is not she crisp! This is the kind of girl you can see...

Another photo taken discreetly while this beautiful girl was 2 or 3 meters next to me. Pleasantly surprised by her beauty, I gazed her at the exit of the water, she walked nonchalantly, her two big tits swaying and joined her bath towel. A dream vision that see her walking naturally.
This obviously triggered an erection that I struggled to contain this time so she was pretty...
I waited for the moment she was absorbed in her reading to immortalize her with this picture then with an erotic drawing that you can enjoy in My drawings. A unique and unforgettable moment...

Other zoom photo taken as I came down the stairs to the beach. There are many girls like this here. Listening to them speak and their foreign accent, some come from various European countries. It is rather pleasant to be able to contemplate these natural beauties in an idyllic landscape...
Notice the beauty of this young natural body completely naked, enjoying full life among natural elements such as sun, water and sea air...
A real makeover at all levels...


Another unique vision on my nudist beach. Photo taken discreetly last summer (August 2018) from where I had settled about ten meters from a group of children accompanying their parents and having fun at the water's edge. I was captivated by the naturalness and innocence of this little and young (13 or 14 yo) barely pubescent naiad.

Here, this is a young (20 or 22 yo) and very pretty girl who accompanied a group of naturists just arrived. I admit to being a voyeur but then I could not help but immortalize this moment. Neither seen nor known...

Another photo taken with my mobile phone last summer. I was with my girlfriend to a good ten meters of this beautiful teenager of 14 or 15 years old out of the water... A treat for my well-being... There is always on this beach. This girl was one of the prettiest that day.

Another day in paradise. What was my surprise and my happiness to see come settle just near my girlfriend and me this beautiful and young girl (between 18 and 20 years old)! I did not believe my eyes so much that my reaction was not long... An big hard on that I was forced to hide and control by putting me on the stomach. I took the opportunity to immortalize her position, sprad legs, not so innocent as it looks... What beauty! And what an unforgettable moment...!

Young and cute little girl (12 or 13 years old) full of life surfing on the waves coming to die loudly on the sand. Indeed, Le Mistral was in the game that day in July 2017. It was quite hot (28° C) but the water had cooled significantly (18° C). I think it came from a Nordic country or Eastern European countries... Magic!

Group of naturists including two young childrens of about 14 or 15 years old. Photo taken in August 2018 as I went down the stairs with my girlfriend leading to Jonquet beach.

Very pretty and young naturist 13 or 14 yo). Natural sight and her blondness I think she came from the Nordic countries or Eastern countries (Netherlands, Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine,...). Undaunted to wander naked in front of my darling and me, this sublime naiade was photographed quite naturally. I offer you this magical moment full of freshness...

On my naturist beach you can meet a lot of young people during the summer holidays. There are among others many girls and teenage girls as in this photo taken this summer (August 2018) between 12 and 18 years wandering with a natural naturist. Even though I have adopted this way of life, I can not help being captivated by the beauty and candor of young, barely pubescent creatures, always with discretion. Like this photo of a girl (12 or 13 years old) indulging in the pleasures of living naked in our dear Mediterranean.

Very young naiad (12 or 13 years) barely pubescent (small incipient tits in tip and hairy pussy) having fun at the edge of the water while watching other toddlers making sandcastles. She was the oldest of the group.
I was captivated by his youth, his naturalness and his candid beauty.
Image taken last summer on a hot day.

Another young naiad (13 or 14 years old) coming out of the water. This young beauty is an example of what you can discover on my beach paradise.
image taken in August 2005 early in the morning with a sea of oil, unique moment and hyper invigorating ..
I imagine this pretty girl today who must be in 28 years ...

Step by step, I offer you some pictures taken discreetly on my naturist beaches.
These two young naturists (about 13 or 14 years old for the young girl, 11 for her brother) were on my right a few meters from where I was with my girlfriend on the beach. they were part of the same group of young people playing at the edge of the water. They had come with their family and there were many children, including a lot of girls like here. I specify that I was with my girlfriend who fully appreciates the presence of this youth without complex.
This image undeniably demonstrates the naturalness and innocence of children who practice nudity. Nudity is also a way to discover one's body as well as the other's, and to have fun with it like this.
For me, there is absolutely nothing perverse on this picture quite the contrary.
It only reveals the innocence and well-being of uninhibited young people who live naked.
However, I do not hide it, I was captivated by the beauty emanating from the body of this barely pubescent teenager with the birth of small breasts that point and the appearance of her small and fine pubic down at the level of her young pussy...

This image is part of a series taken during the summer of 2015 (see above). The beautiful woman (thirties) in the center captivated me by her natural beauty Latin type, pussy naturally hairy and especially by her beautiful boobs (not as big as those of my girlfriend but still) who swayed and bounced then she was playing snowshoes with her friend who had a great ass! Another immortalized memory that continues to make me fantasize...

Here is a photo taken June 30th, 2019 at the height of the heat wave. it was over 30°C at the edge of the water which it was at 22°C.
It was a very pleasant day as the vision of this beauty. This pretty girl must be barely thirty or less.
It was my girlfriend who had noticed and asked me to immortalize with her big tits in shells. They are not as big as those of my girlfriend but they are exceptionally beautiful. What attracted me to this sublime beauty is her hairy pussy as I love them; rather rare but reappear in force. It's so much more sexy and natural!
There is as I told you a variety of unsuspected people who put themselves naked without complex, with a smile and incredibly natural. That's why I adopted this way of living in the summer.


Another beauty furry out of the water in front of us taken the same day as the previous photo.
Wow, but she is beautiful! She is perfect, a very pretty face, very thin arms and hands, adorable little tits, a top model size, wide hips, a flat stomach, a shaved pussy except a small tuft on the pubis, muscular thighs on long shapely legs him conferring a superb sway all brought on a beautiful silhouette arched, sexy and tanned. 
In short the perfect and sublime naturist as we can contemplate on my heavenly beaches. 
I do not describe my condition while I was accompanied by my girlfriend who also had rinsed well...


Very nice naturist girl spotted discreetly too by my girlfriend Sophie while we arrived before settling just ahead at 2 or 3 meters.
She accompanied the beautiful naiad that you could admire on the previous photo out of the water and another naturist girl whose we can guess her right breast.
She had a beautiful pair of breasts with large areolas that did not compete with those of my darling Sophie.
While I was on the stomach, I waited that she spreads her thighs slightly to immortalize her beautiful pussy sparse fleece to see the small lips...
I can tell you that my girlfriend has quietly rinsed the eye for a long time at the same time as me... A treat!
To see her partial tan, I imagine that she had just removed her jersey for the first time to try the experiment by blending into the crowd of many naturists on Sunday, June 30, 2019. Really beautiful!

Here is a beautiful image of a nudist girl that I took on July 14th, 2019 while I spent the day with my girlfriend.
This pretty little girl had come with her family, whose mother with a baby was seen in the middle of the afternoon and settled down in front of us.
There were a lot of people, including families and as it is the holidays there were a lot of children in this case teenage girls fresh pubescent as in this photo. She is particularly pretty this girl with his smile expressing total well-being without complex.

Another photo taken early in the morning of July 14th, 2019.
This day was memorable in terms of the world.
Indeed there were many families on vacation who were already present on the beach. This number increased throughout the day allowing me to appreciate the diversity of people and especially girls that I could discover and watch before immortalizing them like here.
We had just arrived when I photographed this beautiful naturist very cut (aged 12 or 13 in view of her small emerging breasts) and who played alone in the water in front of her family next door.
Her beautiful face and her cute little ass moved my girlfriend and I who did not stop the mater in all discretion as she was young, fresh and natural.


Links on naturism

   To be able to apprehend this theme which is more of a philosophy than of eroticism, even if it remains natural and devoid of sexual intention, I found it useful to know what it is. If I tell you about it, it's because naturism has given me confidence in everyday life and facilitated relationships with others and others, especially girls, at the same time that I liberated myself some sexual taboos and open my mind. A way like any other to assume his body of man in the same way as sports or gymnastics that were practiced naked in antiquity. 
   Remember that Monika is a follower of naturism in any case was since you have the opportunity to see her naked on the beaches of Fuerteventura island in the Canary Islands. However, I am vertually sure she continues to practice in the summer in her spare time activities. Besides, I dream to see her on my beach...
   Here are some websites and links on naturism. There are also videos on You tube.

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